• client/contractor

    Sur-Mesure team

  • team

    Patrick Paleta, Mathieu Mohamad, Pricilla Degardin

The Sur-Mesure magazine explores cities and territories in their richness and complexity. Every six months the magazine exchanges different points of view regarding a new specific thematic.

The magazine’s structure is not linear, it consists in pictures and extracts from authors and various artists. Conceived as a fragmented urban itinerary, Sur-mesure’s reading can be disjointed by making detours and changes of rhythm. Textual markers border the contents, an internal signage frames the object and links the different typesettings with each other.

The changing structure of this publication is constantly challenged and renewed by its authors and texts.

magazine 17 x 24 cm
poster 65 x 48 cm
48 pages

Graphik Plus

Olin Regular blanc
120 + 300 g/m2

JeanLuc, Tiempos, Fakt Pro