Rendez-vous aux jardins

  • client/contractor

    French Ministry of Culture

  • team

    Patrick Paleta, Mathieu Mohamad

During the 1st weekend of June, the Rendez-vous aux Jardins event offers to discover the richness and diversity of the gardens and parks all over France, eventually enhancing their artistic and cultural dimension.

In 2018, for the theme "Europe of gardens", Chevalvert creates a destructured, invasive and over-colored floral design. The multiple photographic and typographical layers of visuals are put together to build a plant-filled territory with no discernible beginning or end. The shapes are linked by the colors, they are contrasted by the black and the white without any borders.

This visual bouquet has several versions for the whole range of communication materials: posters, flyers, press releases, website and social media.

poster, communication materials