22 rue Yves Toudic
75010 Paris, France
+33 1 42 00 96 34

We are a visual design studio based in Paris. Since 2007, we have been responding to graphic design commissions and creating artistic works. Our team gathers different skills from all fields of contemporary creation.

Chevalvert is able to design both a magazine devoted to city planning or a sound-eating belt. We can either draw floral compositions or a go-game poster. The studio comes up with ways of making a wall graphically reactive when talking to it as done at the Gaîté Lyrique, as well as taking huge pleasure in thinking up the next runners’ jersey of the AG2R La Mondiale cycling team. The same year, Chevalvert presents a monographic exhibition in Spain, as well as the creation of a visual identity based on a landscape. Additionally, the studio implements a photo booth for 200,000 people for one of its installations’ projects in Le Havre (France). We may both conceive a sensitive cartography for a car-sharing services cooperative, and a generative identity dedicated to a cultural heritage institution. We have also created an interactive pulsation for the Festival of Lights’ audience in Lyon, and we have explored some formal territories at the Centre Pompidou…


The specificity of our studio is its relationship to images, which are object-oriented and systemic. Process and result have the same importance. Our technical and artistic expertise enables us to develop a comprehensive, transversal and contextual approach to each project. The studio’s productions explore several fields of graphic design, such as interactive design, editing, video, spatial and interactive installations.

Our projects are the result of a meeting between art and technology. All of our creative frameworks are sources for experimentation and they allow us to develop sensitive graphic systems. These formal architectures are based on a set of variables and compose the visual grammar of a given project. These visual systems are both the starting point and the result of circumstantial generative tools conceived by us, thus making them unique. Generated innovative creations are the basis of our development process, they are our design method.

We believe that our system-tools provide technical solutions meeting the needs of our customers. They build striking and innovative aesthetic environments for their audiences.


  • Patrick Paleta
    art director

  • Stéphane Buellet
    art director

  • Camille Coquard
    studio manager

  • Mathieu Mohamad
    art director
    graphic designer

  • Arnaud Juracek
    interactive designer
    product designer

  • Pricilla Degardin
    graphic designer




For any internship request, please contact

Former interns
(since 2013)

  • Romain Garcia
  • Victor Boonen
  • Thomas Bouillet
  • Baptiste Plantin
  • Émilie Pillet
  • Pierre-Henri Terrade
  • Dylan Cote-Colisson
  • Marine Stephan
  • Thibaut Evrard
  • Yohann Le Goff
  • Anne-Dorothée Schulz


We are open to new partnerships. For any queries, please contact